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DECEMBER 2, 2008

Face the music
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"Electric Stimulus to Face — Test 3"

A Japanese man electrocutes himself, slowly, in front of his computer — and the results are more amusing than what you’d imagine.

First, artist-programmer Daito Manabe wrote a (rather catchy) song. Then he taped electrical wires to different muscles in his face and used them to administer shocks in accordance with the notes of that song. Each shock made him twitch, cringe, and flinch — and at first, watching “Electric Stimulus to Face — Test 3” will make you do the same. Is it painful? “Yes,” Manabe says. “But not as much as you might think.” The whole affair looks and sounds like something Thom Yorke might have dreamed up for a Radiohead video — and like any given Radiohead song, it really gets going at around the minute mark.

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