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NOVEMBER 7, 2008

Sweet surprise
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Thorntons' "Stuck" ad

British chocolatier teams up with American auteur, and what do you get? Only the sweetest, most satisfying TV spot we’ve seen in (advertising) ages.

Thorntons is a mass-market chocolatier with around 400 shops across the UK. Harmony Korine (Gummo, Julien Donkey-Boy) is a fiercely independent and idiosyncratic filmmaker — but the odd coupling pays off. A young boy stands outside a Thorntons shop, searching for the right words to inscribe on a gift of chocolates, and his paralysis plays out in the world around him: Characters jerk back and forth, a figure skater stops mid-twirl, and young lovers rub noses again and again. The highlight? A man and a dog, suspended in the air and fluttering like birds. The effect is strange — beautiful — and oddly affecting.

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