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DECEMBER 2, 2008

Reenter the Dragon
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Nokia N96

For some celebrity pitchmen, death is only a minor setback: Think of Fred Astaire’s Dirt Devil Super Bowl ad, or John Wayne’s shilling for Coors. Bruce Lee — who died 35 years ago — is currently peddling Nokia phones:It’s the best post-death celebrity sighting to date.

The clip — of Lee playing table tennis with nunchakus instead of a paddle — appeared last month in China. It went superviral, superfast, and there’s been much speculation over whether we’re seeing superimposed footage of Lee or a body double — but given Nokia’s use of look-alikes in other recent ads, we’re leaning toward the latter. Whatever the case, the minute-long clip is a gas, and we’re keeping our eyes peeled for Lee’s next outing.

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WATCH the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Ping-Pong ad

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