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Gym Teacher: The Movie

The 2008 U.S. Olympic gymnasts: Where are they now? Okay, perhaps it’s a bit too soon to be asking. After all, there’s Nastia Liukin on a Wheaties box, packing 100 percent of our recommended daily allowance of glory. But most athletes will never pass General Mills’s muster
. . . people like, say, Dave Stewie. Who? Exactly.

The goofy Gym Teacher: The Movie (premiering 9/12 on Nickelodeon) plays like a junior Will Ferrell sports movie, complete with washed-up Olympian Stewie (Law & Order: SVU’s Christopher Meloni) relegated to the position of middle-school athletic instructor. Director Paul Dinello co-created (along with Stephen Colbert) the wonderfully odd Strangers with Candy, whose star, Amy Sedaris, shows up in Gym Teacher as the lusty, insane principal, Abby Hoffman. This makes for a cool parent-child viewing experience. Kids will watch because they’ll watch anything that’s in color and not serious, and grown-ups — well, we just need to see Sedaris coolly pick up a bell and ring it in a child’s face, and in true Pavlovian fashion we’re spitting out laughs.

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