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MARCH 20, 2008

Summer comes early to your computer
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TV SPOT: “Burst”

Even though we’re stuck smack in the middle of dreary ol’ March, the verdant days of summer are waiting just around the corner. Schweppes, the drinks company, has released “Burst,” an ad that combines one hot-weather staple — water balloons — with ultra-slow-motion technology to produce a minute and a half of pure wonder.

Directed by Garth Davis and produced by the Australian agency George Patterson Y&R, “Burst” is set to the sounds of the Cinematic Orchestra (featured on VSL here). The advertisement uses extreme slow motion to capture brightly colored water balloons at the moment they’re bursting — resulting in everything from gloriously rubbery close-ups to a near-angelic ring of water haloing a young man’s head. Now if only someone could use fast motion to get us quickly to summer, we’d really be happy.

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