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DECEMBER 27, 2007

Does a bear dance
suggestively in the woods? In this ad,
he does
Cirque du Soleil Showgirls Bambivenn diagram



TV SPOT: "Naturellement Pulpeuse"

In the year-end spirit of generosity, it should be mentioned that not every single cultural artifact we highlight at Very Short List is celebrated for its greatness. A few merely aspire to greatness but instead achieve weirdness — and if weirdness were greatness, this Orangina commercial would be the Sistine Chapel.

The concept is simple: A decidedly anthropomorphized bear and deer meet in a forest, where they engage in a Vegas-y, sexually suggestive dance (accompanied by flamingos, zebras, and octopuses with similarly human anatomies) while sprinkling Orangina all around. Okay, so maybe it’s not that simple — did we mention that this campaign was originally intended for French audiences? — but it’s still an extravagant use of computer animation you’ll never see on American television. And if the thought of eroticized woodland creatures still creeps you out, take solace in the fact that somewhere, Walt Disney is spinning in his cryogenic chamber.

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