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DECEMBER 20, 2007

Professor Moriarty probably didn’t get his start this way
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WEBSITE: Newseum (again)

Here at Very Short List, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve. But sometimes we’re downright prescient.

On December 14, we pointed you to the website for the Newseum, a real-time collection of the front pages from nearly 600 daily newspapers from across the country and around the world. Had you gone on the site that very day to look at the front page of the Lewiston Tribune (of Lewiston, Idaho, population 31,293), you too could have played the role of an armchair Sherlock Holmes.

That morning, page 1A ran two substantial photos: In one, a husky man in a black-and-blue checkered coat is seen hanging Christmas decorations in a shop window. In the other, a surveillance camera shows a convenience-store customer’s unattended wallet being swiped by
. . . a husky man in a black-and-blue checkered coat. Local police noticed the similarities, and quickly arrested the hapless criminal mastermind for felony second-degree theft. If the charges stick, we’ll gladly take the credit for the collar.

READ the fateful front page of the Lewiston Tribune

SEARCH for more information on the Lewiston Tribune

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