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JUNE 28, 2007

A clever countdown video about countdowns
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WEB VIDEO: 100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers

The recent proliferation of easy-to-use video-editing software has made amateur video editing a new form of home entertainment. Movie fans can now release recuts of popular movies, pastiches of iconic scenes, and compilations of their favorite quotes online (witness the countless fan-retooled Star Wars clips). One of the most amusingly meta examples of this new hobby is 100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers, a video made by a film lover who found 100 instances, in 100 films, of someone’s mentioning a number. Then he cut these clips together into a single video that plays as a countdown from 100 to 1.

The Web video’s creator told us he did it mostly to see if it could be done; it’s impossible not to appreciate the zillion hours of film-watching it took to find the appropriate quotes. A fascinating demonstration of sheer, ludicrous obsession in the name of offbeat entertainment, the video is also a lot of fun — especially once you get caught up in trying to name every film that’s sampled. (Don’t worry: We’ve linked to the cheat sheet.)

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