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AUGUST 5, 2011

We’ll call you . . .
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FastCustomer is a free iPhone and Android app that connects you with the customer-service centers at well over 2,000 corporations, insurance providers, and public utilities. There’s almost no hold time; just click on a company name, wait for FastCustomer to call you back when a rep becomes available, and kiss those minutes of dead phone time good-bye.

Co-founder Aaron Dragushan called the first thousand companies himself, spent countless hours on hold, and taught the app to navigate each company’s phone tree. What this means in practice is that FastCustomer can get you to an actual person very quickly, without a single keystroke. A handful of companies have blocked the service—Comcast subscribers, you’re out of luck!—but as of this writing, the app’s alphabetically arranged list is superextensive, and growing. It’s a sight your sore eyes, ears, and fingers are sure to appreciate.

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