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JULY 26, 2011

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Faulkner at Virginia

William Faulkner arrived at the University of Virginia’s Charlottesville campus in 1957 and served two terms as UVa’s first writer-in-residence. Many of his classes, readings, addresses, and Q&A sessions were recorded, and a treasure trove—28 hours of tape—survived. Every invaluable minute is now available online.

You’ll hear Faulkner read (from The Town, The Sound and the Fury, and other works), answer any number of questions (about Brown v. Board of Education, among other matters), and speak at length about his works and ideas. Some of the recordings are hard to make out, but UVa’s website includes transcriptions—which are a tremendous help, and fascinating in and of themselves. You'll also find a wealth of essays, newspaper articles, and personal recollections.

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