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FEBRUARY 28, 2011

Plant you now, dig you later
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Mitoza isn’t quite a game, and it isn’t quite a toy: It’s more a beautifully rendered Web-thingy that you can (and should) play and play with—right now—online.

Developed by an Israeli art director (who calls himself Baboon), Mitoza presents you with two illustrated objects; click on either one, and you’ll come to a new fork in the narrative. It takes just a minute or two to get back to the starting point, but the fun lies in discovering just how many paths you can take to get there, and in everything you’ll see along the way. Take as much time as you want—or click the pot, the bottle, the fly, the swatter, and the skull to go straight to our favorite outcome. But the best part of the whole experience might just be the soundtrack: Is that the noise a needle makes when it hits the end of an LP?

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