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NOVEMBER 29, 2010

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London Sessions

LCD Soundsystem makes wildly compelling, fiercely intelligent dance music for actual grownups. The band's third full-length, This Is Happening, appeared last May. A few weeks later, LCD Soundsystem recorded material from all of their three albums, live, at Abbey Road Studios in London. And earlier this month, the nine-song, 58-minute, limited-release London Sessions appeared online.

It's a remarkable set, even by the band's own sky-high standards. "All My Friends" is as powerful, and as heartbreaking, as the original recording; the torqued-up "Us v Them" is super-tight; and "All I Want" (LCD Soundsystem's take on Heroes-period Bowie) soars and shimmers. The download itself is priced to sell, but set to expire on Dec. 6; get it today and plan your weekends accordingly.

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