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SEPTEMBER 29, 2010

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Mad Man

For those who can’t get enough Mad Men drama, we recommend Mad Man, a very funny, very low-budget Web video featuring an animated version of the show’s creator and head writer, Matthew Weiner , as he discusses some juicy backstage details.

Perhaps it’s surprising that a show with so much success (and so many awards) is prone to nonwritten theatrics. But such success seems to have got to Weiner and two of his female co-writers, both of whom inexplicably left the show soon after sharing Emmys with him. Mad Man draws its material from these spats and Weiner’s (admittedly justifiable) arrogance, and animates it using Xtranormal, a free program that pairs semi-realistic computer-produced speech with generic animated figures. The strange timing and utter lack of emotion that result transform what would have been an absurd parody into a hilarious commentary about the makers of Mad Men and, even more, the true madness of Hollywood success.

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