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AUGUST 23, 2010

More than Words
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Have you ever considered just how many different usages there are for many of the most common words in our vocabulary? Take a look at the elegantly executed video Words, which is a terrific example of showing rather than telling just what we mean.

The three-minute film, directed by Daniel Mercadante and Will Hoffman for Everynone (in collaboration with WNYC’s Radiolab and NPR), takes words like “play,” “space” and “light” and presents montages displaying their different meanings. For example, “break” is a shattered plate; a karate chop to a wooden board; the beginning of a pool game; a broken bone; and a pedal in your car. “Blow” is everything from a fish to an overloaded fuse (to even more risqué allusions). The words the filmmakers chose blend seamlessly, and even with such brief snippets of human life, Words becomes somehow poignant to watch. We recommend multiple viewings.

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