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JULY 8, 2010

Map Time
venn diagram



Radical Cartography

What’s in a map? As you’ll find at Radical Cartography, a handsome site that catalogs extraordinary maps, just about anything you can think of.

The maps on Radical Cartography are overlaid with all sorts of location-sensitive information, like income or building height. This may sound rather dry, but the site specializes in maps that are playful, aesthetically pleasing and—as evidenced by maps of suicide rates throughout the U.S., the physical expansion of Boston since 1630, nuclear explosions throughout the world and the change in U.S. area codes over time—often surprising. Some of the most interesting maps simply give a sense of scale. Strategic overlaying illustrates that the U.S. is just about as wide as Antarctica, and that all of India would struggle to cover the Midwest. Sometimes these maps will work your brain, but the reward is visually stunning information displayed in ways both novel and strangely intuitive.

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