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FEBRUARY 5, 2010

TV on the Wall
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Albert Exergian’s TV Posters

We’ve all heard about how some television shows (the Mad Mens, the Wires) have transcended traditional entertainment to become art. Whether you agree or not, common ground should be found thanks to Austrian designer Albert Exergian’s elegant new series of modernist TV-inspired posters.

With just a few stark shapes and lines, Exergian manages to get to the heart of each program: Kojak is a lollipop; Weeds, a dime bag; and Californication, a brunet triangle. But our favorites are the ones for Miami Vice—one hot-pink straw inhaling four thin white lines—and the unlabeled black stop sign for Lost—which is less a representation of the show than a general here’s-where-you-leave-reality-behind. And, best of all, every one of them is for sale.

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