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AUGUST 24, 2009

Consider Us Boggled
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Must Pop Words

We know, we know: You don’t need another addictive time waster...but when something is as much fun as indie game designer Bart Bonte’s Must Pop Words game, we’d feel remiss if we didn’t share it.

Taking a cue from the beloved Boggle, Just Pop Words tweaks the basic premise—make as many words as possible from a random assortment of letters—and updates it for the computer age. So instead of a plastic hourglass keeping time, the pressure comes from knowing that if 50 letters pile up, the game is over. With every word (and talk about modern, “Cialas” was accepted when we played!), the letters make a pleasing “pop” sound and disappear, giving you more breathing room. A small blue penguin will appear from time to time with additional challenges to give you extra point-scoring opportunities (forming eight-letter words isn’t as easy as it sounds). Addictive? Oh, yes. But also strangely satisfying.

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