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tech 18 Feb 2013

Adda Birnir, CEO of Skillcrush, is a front-end developer and ruby newbie, wannabe student, and lover of Hall & Oates videos on YouTube. TWITTER

  • Lots of companies are trying to move universities into the cloud. But none are doing it as beautifully, or as poetically, as Lore. [2 of 3]
  • Learning to code doesn’t have to be geeky or lonely! Skillcrush makes learning to code a pleasure for the poet, designer, and social butterfly. [3 of 3]

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food 15 Feb 2013

Karyn Campbell on the best ways to explore food, art and literature on paper.

culture 13 Feb 2013

Karyn Campbell on browsing (ehem) art.

tech 11 Feb 2013

Leslie Ziegler on a few companies that have crossed over from active to passive tracking.