• The Human Face of Big Data is a visually compelling book and iPad app that asks how our unprecedented access to information shapes modern life. [1 of 3]

today’s Very Short List:
tech 10 Dec 2012

on new work by Rick Smolan, co-creator, with Jennifer Erwitt, of The Human Face of Big Data.

  • Modern man processes more data in one day than a 16th-century human did in a lifetime, an idea evoked in Stephen Wilkes’s “Day to Night” series. [2 of 3]
  • And for insight on how observing a truly giant set of data can affect the viewer, check out these “black marble” photos of Earth at night from NASA. [3 of 3]
  • Images: photos © Michael Tompert (2012) and © Stephen Wilkes (2012) from The Human Face of Big Data; photo by NASA Earth Observatory/NOAA NGDC via But Does It Float.

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