• In his Wired cover story, Mat Honan recounts in harrowing detail how hackers destroyed his digital life, and explains why passwords can’t keep us safe. [1 of 3]

today’s Very Short List:
tech 19 Nov 2012

on the writing of Mat Honan, senior writer for Wired.

  • Sure, a longer, more complicated password is probably a safer bet, but Honan takes issue with the premise of a password-based security system. [2 of 3]
  • Ultimately, Honan argues, true identity verification ought to replace passwords. Where have we heard about the question of digital identities lately? [3 of 3]
  • Images (in order): photo by Flickr user Robbie Sproule (Creative Commons); profile photo via Wired; photo by Flickr user zimpenfish (Creative Commons); photo by Flickr user RJL Photography NYC (Creative Commons).

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