• Google Flu Trends uses decades of search data, current searches, and public health data to predict where influenza will strike next. [1 of 3]

today’s Very Short List:
tech 12 Nov 2012

by David-Michel Davies, co-founder of Netted by the Webbys, the daily e-mail introducing you to the best sites, apps, and online stuff that makes life better.

  • Tell Symcat your symptoms! It estimates, based on hundreds of thousands of patient records, which ailment you most likely have. [2 of 3]
  • CureTogether lets people the world over share information about the effectiveness of treatments for conditions ranging from fatigue to cancer. [3 of 3]
  • Images (in order): Influenza image via Wikimedia Commons; photo of Symcat website; U.S. Army photo of Spanish Flu outbreak via Wikimedia Commons.

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