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DECEMBER 30, 2008

Walk the talk
Britax Vigour Thoreau on Walking Learning to Talkvenn diagram



The psychological effects of baby buggies

The more you talk to your baby, the smarter your baby will be — and that’s something to keep in mind the next time you shop for a stroller.

According to a new study, babies who sat in strollers that faced their parents during their daily walks had twice as many conversations, laughed ten times as much, and suffered less stress than babies who were in the more common, front-facing models.

The researchers studied 2,722 infants and found that kids who faced their parents had lower heart rates and fell asleep twice as easily as babies who faced forward. So along with generating laughter and baby talk, a face-time stroller will be far more likely to bring you that sweetest of sounds: the snore of your sleeping, soon-to-be-smarter offspring.

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