• The World Wide Web turned 25 in 2014. Since its introduction in 1989, the internet has transformed nearly every aspect of life... in the US. While 87% of American adults now use the internet, adoption isn’t nearly as widespread around the world as it is in the US. [1 of 3]

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tech 29 Oct 2014

Megan Wright is on the marketing team at Quartz, a digitally native news brand that launched in 2012 for people who are excited by change in today’s global economy. TWITTER  LINKEDIN

  • However, this is expected to change soon. Technologies and services are developing that will bring more of the world’s population online—largely via mobile devices in emerging markets. One example of this is Firechat, an app that allows users to send texts and images to each other using peer-to-peer wifi. [2 of 3]
  • Join Quartz at The Next Billion event in NYC on November 5 to explore more technologies, services, and strategies that will increase connectivity around the globe. As a subscriber of VSL, you have the opportunity to receive first come, first serve complimentary admission by registering with the code VSL. We hope to see you there! [3 of 3]

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culture 27 Oct 2014

John Supko listens to a few generative music engines.

food 24 Oct 2014

Gavin Macomber finds harmony with the land.

culture 22 Oct 2014

The Webby Awards founder Tiffany Shlain tries on Hanukkah sweaters and public radio names.