• Vi Hart is a composer and mathematician who explains mathematical concepts with music, or musical concepts with math. Her many delightfully homespun videos cover topics like infinity, copyright law, net neutrality, and more. Her videos can entertain for days, but “Twelve Tones” is one of my faves. [1 of 3]

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culture 17 Sep 2014

Ted Hearne is a composer, singer, & bandleader. Recent projects include new music for Erykah Badu, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and his own vocal-electronics duo R WE WHO R WE. Hearne’s new piece The Source, about Chelsea Manning's disclosures of classified material to WikiLeaks, will premiere at Brooklyn’s BAM Next Wave Festival this October. BANDCAMP  TWITTER

  • LA-based experimental hiphop group Clipping were one of my favorite musical discoveries this year, and their album Midcity is fresh and fully streaming on bandcamp. Their sonic palette is rooted in noise and their hearts are in hiphop. This is really inventive music. [2 of 3]
  • Trimpin blurs the lines between sculpture and music with his mind-boggling installations. Here we see a contraption that makes beats by controlling liquids that drip from the ceiling. A full-length documentary on his work can be accessed from that link as well. [3 of 3]

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design 15 Sep 2014

Jaclyn Johnson finds stock photos that don’t totally suck.

style 10 Sep 2014

Eliana Petrides on surreal fashion.

culture 8 Sep 2014

Marina van Goor creates space for temporary disconnection.