• National Geographic’s best-known on paper, but its iPad app offers bonus photo and video; August includes intimate portraits of America’s hungry by Amy Toensing, Kitra Cahana, and Stephanie Sinclair. [1 of 3]

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food 28 Jul 2014

Tracie McMillan’s book, The American Way of Eating, was a NYT bestseller. Her August National Geographic feature links American hunger to wages and agriculture. TWITTER

  • To grasp the changes in hunger over time, check out CBS Reports’ iconic “Hunger in America,” which begins with footage of a starving infant dying. [2 of 3]

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tech 25 Jul 2014

Sonia Epstein looks at the intersection of science and culture.

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Jon Rubin intervenes in public life.

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Mari Belalcazar on what it means to explore in the 21st century.