• Ever wonder why people seem so happy on Thanksgiving (family drama aside)? According to a growing body of research, it may have more to do with the thanking than the turkey high. [1 of 3]

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culture 26 Nov 2014

Carmel Hagen is a writer and brand strategist living in New York City. She heads up advertising at Aviary, one of the world's favorite photo editing apps. TWITTER  WEBSITE

  • So if happiness comes from gratitude, how can you make every day Thanksgiving? Get started with these tips from a nature photographer and our favorite monk. Happy thanking! [3 of 3]

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tech 24 Nov 2014

Sahil Lavingia looks at some of the latest tech news.

culture 19 Nov 2014

Lauren Cerand slows down, mindfully and meaningfully.

culture 17 Nov 2014

VSL editor Alexa Jaccarino meets some behind-the-scenes makers.