• I love retro and regional sodas, like Dad's Root Beer, Ale 8, Bubble Up, the list goes on and on. These quirky beverages are rarely found among the rows of Coke and Pepsi at supermarkets, but Old 52 boasts more than 550 types of sodas from across the country, and they ship directly to you. A bonus-- at least for me-- is that many of these sodas have killer bottle caps. [1 of 3]

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food 25 Feb 2015

Lauren Walles is an avid collector of bottle caps. She lives in New York City. TWITTER

  • Sprecher, a microbrewer of premium sodas (and beers) in Milwaukee, WI, has perfected old-fashioned flavors such as cherry cola, root beer, and ginger ale. Take my word for it: Sprecher makes the best root beer in the US by far! [2 of 3]
  • Belgian-style beers are quickly becoming a favorite for me. One of the best breweries out there today is Ommegang, in Cooperstown, NY. For Game of Thrones fans, they even make a line of themed beers. [3 of 3]

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