• Hidden in plain site in Whole Foods: the culinary team behind Blue Hill sells savory yogurts locally-produced on their farm. Try the Beet or Butternut Squash flavors. [1 of 3]

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food 30 Mar 2015

Taryn Fixel is the founder of Ingredient1, which is transforming the way people discover healthy food. The Ingredient1 mobile app is a unique lens to discover foods you'll love – see friends’ recommendations – and learn where those products are sold. TWITTER  FACEBOOK

  • MilkMade handcrafted ice cream makes unique flavors – like BrownButter Coffee and Rose Milk Chocolate – that get delivered to your door each month. Only online. [2 of 3]
  • Ditch the caffeine, and go for the bone broth. Bone Deep and Harmony's broth is available for pick-up or delivery in NYC, with online ordering coming soon. There's also Brodo, a to-go bone broth spot in the East Village. I recommend adding fresh turmeric or shiitake mushroom tea. (image) [3 of 3]

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culture 27 Mar 2015

Leerom Segal recaps MUSE New York, an experimental, modern-day salon designed to inspire the Who's Who in health.

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Old music, new music listening with VSL editor Alexa Jaccarino.

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Chef Rachael Mamane turns an eye on global food waste.