• These days, charts are for more than data visualization. People are using them to share their own stories, observations, and heartbreaks. [1 of 3]

today’s Very Short List:
design 17 May 2012

by Jason Oberholtzer and Cody Westphal, founders of the I Love Charts Tumblr and authors of the creatively titled I Love Charts: The Book. WEBSITE  TWITTER  BUY THE BOOK

  • Some of these observations—like this illustration of changing gender roles from SMBC—are pretty funny. [2 of 3]
  • And some—like this not-so-scientific visualization from novelist Ben Greenman—are just plain bizarre and make your brain hurt. [3 of 3]
  • Images (in order): chart via Megan’s Mess; chart via SMBC; chart by Ben Greenman.

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